Scrabble and Words with Friends Help

How Many Scrabble Letter Tiles Are Used in a Game
Scrabble Letter Tile Point Values

How Many Words with Friends Letter Tiles Are Used in a Game
Words with Friends Letter Tile Point Values

Word Finder Help

Using the Scrabble Finder or Words with Friends Finder couldn’t be easier! Simply enter your tiles and click the search button.

Blank Tiles

You can search using blank tiles by using a ‘?’ character for each blank, up to two can be used. Watch this video to see how!

Filter Words

You can filter your search using the “Advanced Options” tab below the search bar.  There are options for word length or patterns.  Watch this video for more on filtering your search!

Filtering with Blank Tiles

The power of using blank tiles can be a little overwhelming, returning thousands of words.  Use the filters to narrow a search from thousands of words down to just a few, see how in this short video!


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