Scrabble Word of the Day


a thin mortar that can be poured and used to fill cracks in masonry or brickwork

Recent Scrabble Words of the Day

reattribute Dec 11, 2018 CST
attribute to another source
biophysicist Dec 10, 2018 CST
a physicist who applies the methods of physics to biology
foaminess Dec 9, 2018 CST
the property of being foamy
guggle Dec 8, 2018 CST
flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noise
injudicious Dec 7, 2018 CST
lacking or showing lack of judgment or discretion; unwise
fatwa Dec 6, 2018 CST
a ruling on a point of Islamic law that is given by a recognized authority
approximate Dec 5, 2018 CST
be close or similar
locknut Dec 4, 2018 CST
supplementary nut that is screwed down on a primary nut to prevent it from loosening
Primates Dec 3, 2018 CST
an animal order including lemurs and tarsiers and monkeys and apes and human beings
fast Dec 2, 2018 CST
abstaining from food
kindhearted Dec 1, 2018 CST
having or proceeding from an innately kind disposition
connectedness Nov 30, 2018 CST
the state of being connected
heliacal Nov 29, 2018 CST
pertaining to or near the sun; especially the first rising of a star after and last setting before its invisibility owing to its conjunction with the sun
rejuvenation Nov 28, 2018 CST
the phenomenon of vitality and freshness being restored
eternity Nov 27, 2018 CST
time without end
Panacea Nov 26, 2018 CST
(Greek mythology) the goddess of healing; daughter of Aesculapius and sister of Hygeia
redwing Nov 25, 2018 CST
North American blackbird with scarlet patches on the wings
backbone Nov 24, 2018 CST
a central cohesive source of support and stability
bygone Nov 23, 2018 CST
past events to be put aside
localism Nov 22, 2018 CST
a phrase or pronunciation that is peculiar to a particular locality
carbohydrate Nov 21, 2018 CST
an essential structural component of living cells and source of energy for animals; includes simple sugars with small molecules as well as macromolecular substances; are classified according to the number of monosaccharide groups they contain
Crouse Nov 20, 2018 CST
United States playwright (1893-1966)
coca Nov 19, 2018 CST
a South American shrub whose leaves are chewed by natives of the Andes; a source of cocaine
tompion Nov 18, 2018 CST
plug for the muzzle of a gun to keep out dust and moisture
voluptuous Nov 17, 2018 CST
having strong sexual appeal
tenner Nov 16, 2018 CST
the cardinal number that is the sum of nine and one; the base of the decimal system
domestic Nov 15, 2018 CST
a servant who is paid to perform menial tasks around the household
silence Nov 14, 2018 CST
the state of being silent (as when no one is speaking)
damson Nov 13, 2018 CST
dark purple plum of the damson tree
hugger Nov 12, 2018 CST
a person who hugs


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